Ash Grove has steadily developed its environment, health and safety programs and institutionalized them organization-wide in order to advance ambitious goals in the areas of:

  • Climate protection and carbon dioxide management

  • Emissions monitoring and reduction

  • Employee health and safety

  • Local effects on land and communities

  • Use of fuels and raw materials

Ash Grove鈥檚 programs and investments advance the goals in the company鈥檚 broad focus areas of environmental stewardship, social responsibility and economic prosperity.


Environmental Stewardship

Environmental stewardship includes reducing environmental effects related to Ash Grove鈥檚 operations. It incorporates land use practices and appropriate consideration of climate protection issues.


Social Responsibility

Social responsibility stewardship focuses on employees and plant communities. The aim is to provide employee well-being through improved health and safety practices and job satisfaction. Quality of life is enhanced in plant communities through stakeholder engagement.


Ash Grove鈥檚 Environmental, Sustainable Development and Innovation teams meeting with lawmakers in Washington D.C.