Protecting Our Employees


Ash Grove's commitment to a safe and healthy work environment is unparalleled.

Ash Grove protects employees with an active health and safety management system with its 12 cement manufacturing plants and 43 terminals to ensure a safe work environment. The system includes audits, compliance management, injury prevention and training.

Beyond the ongoing safety training, Ash Grove has initiated a number of programs to bring best practice processes into its facilities and customize them to situations unique to each location.

These plans are customized to each plant and guide efforts at preventing injuries, illnesses and property damage. Each facility develops and implements a health and safety plan tailored to its unique needs to guide efforts at preventing injuries, illnesses and property damage.

Included in the programs is a focus on behavior-based safety where front-line supervisors, employees, contractors, vendors and visitors give feedback to reinforce safe behaviors and reduce the chance of injury. Each plant also applies behavioral and engineering approaches to ergonomics to reduce and prevent musculoskeletal disorders.

In each facility, a full-time health and safety manager coordinates and facilitates company health and safety programs and processes. Each year Ash Grove is proud to recognize plant-level safety performance through a company-wide awards program.